Disclosure and Review Policy

Tea Review Disclosures


Basic Disclosures

  • Sample Acceptance: I accept free samples of products for review.
  • Advertising: I accept paid and affiliate advertising on this blog. Previous to 2012, I disclosed whether or not a post include affiliate links in the post itself. However, I’ve begun using a service called Viglink to automatically add affiliate links to my posts. This means that some posts on this blog may include inaccurate information about the inclusion of affiliate links.
  • Industry Affiliations: I am not currently employed by a tea company, though I did work for Adagio Tea’s retail division from November 2011 until the beginning of June 2012. I do periodically take on freelance work (usually writing) for tea companies.

Tea Review Policy

  • If you would like to send me a sample of your product, please contact me via email so that I can provide you with my mailing address.
  • Accepting a product for review does not obligate me to write a review of your product, nor does it obligate me to give your product a good review.
  • Because of scheduling issues, it may take weeks or even months for me to review your tea or product.
  • Every review includes disclosures about affiliate links and the provision of free samples.

Suggestions for Sending Me Tea and Teaware

While I am happy to taste whatever you send, I’m listing some of my preferences below so that you have the best chance of getting something into my cup that I really enjoy:

  • I am extremely fond of oolong, pu’erh and black tea. While I like green and white teas, they are generally not my favorites.
  • I have a very strong preference for Chinese black teas (hong cha), particularly those from Yunnan. Keemun comes a close second.
  • Herbals are fine, but be aware that I don’t much care for hibiscus.
  • I prefer unflavored teas over flavored teas.
  • I don’t take milk or sugar in my tea unless I am working on a special project.
  • I am always interested in reviewing new teaware, kettles and water filtration systems. I am particularly interested in infusers that make it easy for people to enjoy loose leaf tea.

A Word About Private Labeling

I understand that many tea retailers obtain their teas from wholesalers and that different retailers may sell the same teas under their own label. If you send me a tea that I suspect that I have already reviewed under a different name, I won’t review it. If you do custom blend your own teas, let me know when you send the tea so as to ensure that I will give it my full consideration.


  • I am happy to work with tea and teaware merchants on blog giveaways. Contact me so that we can work out the details.
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