Rishi Tea Glass Pitcher Review

by Lainie Petersen on August 5, 2013

Rishi Tea Glass Pitcher


Rishi Tea Glass Pitcher

Product Name:  Rishi Tea Glass Pitcher

Product Type: Brewing vessel, glass teapot with separate tea infuser

Cost: $20.00 at Amazon as of 8/5/2013

Description and How-To : This is a nifty little teapot – infuser set from Rishi that I’ve been using quite a bit lately. It’s easy to use, brews up a tasty (large!) cup of tea, and looks pretty to boot. While it isn’t the perfect loose tea brewing vessel, it’s good enough for everyday use and does triple duty as a stand-alone tea infuser as well as a fairness pitcher for gong-fu tea brewing.

The Rishi Tea Glass Pitcher’s design is pretty straightforward: It consists of a spherical clear glass pitcher (13.5 oz / 399 ml capacity), and a lidded infuser basket.

It’s easy to use: Add tea leaf to the basket, nest the basket in the pitcher and pour water on top. Allow tea to brew, remove the infuser basket lid and set (top side down) on your table, counter or other flat surface. Remove infuser basket and set in lid (this prevents the tea from leaking onto your counter top or furniture). Pour tea into cup, mug or other drinking vessel and either re-infuse the leaves or dispose of them as you wish.

That’s it. Minimal muss, minimal fuss.


  • Glass pitcher is attractive and won’t affect the flavor of your tea.
  • Infuser basket mesh is extremely fine, so you won’t have to worry about silt.
  • Basket is reasonably large and should allow most tea leaves to unfurl and move around for proper infusion.
  • Pitcher capacity allows you to brew a healthy sized mug of tea.
  • Infuser basket has little handles to keep it from falling into mugs/brewing vessels. The handles also allow you to remove the infuser easily and without burning your fingers.
  • The infuser basket can work with other brewing vessels and, because it is plastic, it is portable.
  • The lid for the infuser basket doubles as a stand, reducing mess.
  • Pitcher spout is designed for smooth flow of tea into your cup or mug.


  • The pitcher itself is made of glass, making it easy to break. If you want to carry this infuser system with you while you travel, save the box and carry it in your handheld luggage.
  • The infuser basket (parts of it, anyway) are made from plastic. In my experience, plastic almost always absorbs scents and flavors from flavored teas and tisanes and then contaminates future batches of tea. If you plan to use the Rishi Tea Glass Pitcher system with flavored teas and/or tisanes, get an extra set of infusers that you can reserve for different tea/tisane types.
  • While there is a lid for the infuser basket, there is no lid for the pitcher, which means that any remaining tea will cool down rapidly. Use a large cup or mug if possible.
  • The infuser basket may be too confining for very large leaf teas.
  • Unlike the Tea Forté Kati, this system does not incorporate a drinking vessel. The design of the pitcher is such that you can’t drink directly from it, so you’ll have to use a separate cup.

Disclaimers: I purchased the Rishi Tea Glass Pitcher myself. This post may include affiliate links added by VigLink.



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