Organic English Breakfast by Paisley Tea Co.

by Lainie Petersen on September 2, 2012

Paisley Tea Organic English Breakfast in a yellow cup.

Paisley Tea Organic English Breakfast

Name: Organic English Breakfast

Brand: Paisley Tea Co. (A Two Leaves and a Bud spinoff)

Type: Black tea, African and Indian

Form: Paper tea bags, no strings

Cost: As of September 2012, the cost for a box of 24 bags is $5.95 from Paisley Tea Co. or Two Leaves and a Bud. Quantity discounts are available.

The cost for a box of 24 bags  from is $3.82, though you can only purchase single boxes through Amazon’s “add-on” program, which means that your total order must be $25 or more.

Review: The Paisley Tea Co. is a new brand by the good folks at Two Leaves and a Bud. Paisley’s focus is on inexpensive, blended, English-style bagged teas that are certified organic and fair trade.

I’m pleased to report that Paisley’s Organic English Breakfast trumps the combined offerings of Lipton, Twinings and PG Tips all in one fell swoop. The CTC leaves infuse quickly, producing a dark amber, bold cup of tea.

(If you are often in a hurry, this is the tea to have on hand.)

This Indian/African blend offers up plenty of flavor with hints of malt and perhaps even some tobacco. There is also that hard-to-describe “fresh” quality about this tea that elevates it above ordinary bagged black teas. The finish is astringent, as is proper for a tea of this type. If steeped properly (i.e. for about 30 seconds), the tea does not become bitter, and while it can take milk and sugar, you won’t need it.

As you might expect, this tea goes splendidly with food, although I also enjoyed it very much on its own. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I am inclined to buy several boxes to keep on hand for those times when I need a quick cup of tea and am disinclined to fuss with loose leaves.

It’s just that good. Highly recommended.

Paisley Tea Co Organic English Breakfast box and teabags

Preparation Tips: This tea infuses very quickly and can get bitter if you let it go too long. Try tasting it at 30 seconds to see if it works for you. If not strong enough, give it another 30.


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I received a free sample of this tea.



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