Macaroon from American Tea Room

by Lainie Petersen on September 15, 2012

Macaroon Rooibos tea from American Tea Room

Name: Macaroon

Brand: American Tea Room

Type: Flavored rooibos

Form: Loose leaf

Price:  As of September 2012, $4.00 for a 4 cup sample, $10.40 for 2 ounces, quantity discounts available. Use coupon code Lainiesips10 for 10% off any loose tea order.

Review: One of my very favorite pastries in the world can be found at Chicago’s Julius Meinl, a chain of Austrian coffeehouses that found a home in the Windy City. The object of my affection is the chain’s chocolate dipped coconut macaroon, a moist, pyramid shaped delight that puts me into ecstasies every time I have one.

(What doesn’t put me into ecstasies is the macaroon’s calorie count, which I assume is rather high.)

Fortunately, the good folks at the American Tea Room managed to come up with a reasonable facsimile of my favorite dessert in the form of their Macaroon rooibos tisane. Chocolate and coconut flavors blend with sweet rooibos to create a drink that reminds me a great deal of the chocolate coconut macaroons at Julius Meinl, but without the calories.

The coconut flavor in this tisane is strong but not cloying. The chocolate flavor is more of a backnote, and the honey-sweet flavor of rooibos is substantial enough to carry both flavors while also providing significant sweetness. Hold the sweetener until you’ve tried the blend: Even a small amount may be too much.

Preparation Tips: As with most rooibos tisanes, it’s wise to adjust the amount of leaf according to intensity desired. I enjoyed this on its own, but you can certainly add soy, dairy or almond milk to make for a creamier treat.

I’d also advise trying Blue Diamond Coconut Almond Milk in American Tea Room’s Macaroon.

Serving Tips: I suppose you could pair this with a chocolate desert and it would make for fine combo indeed. But honestly, unless you really need the calories, I’d take this on its own and call it dessert.


Affiliate links?: Yes

Sample provided by retailer?: Yes

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