Canton Tea Co’s Jasmine Pearls (review)

by Lainie P on September 23, 2009

jamine_pearls2Name: Jasmine Pearls

Brand: Canton Tea Co

Type: Silver needle (white tea) pearls scented with jasmine

Form: Hand-rolled pearls

Review: I am extremely fond of well-made jasmine tea and I have enjoyed some truly lovely specimens over the past few months. I must say, however, that Canton Tea Company’s Jasmine Pearls is simply the best jasmine tea that I have ever tried.

The dry nose on this tea is gorgeous: Its appeal is not in its strength, but in its depth. I first noticed the slightly spicy, rich floral notes, which then gave way to a backnote of sweet, herbal silver needle tea.

As this is a silver needle tea, the liquor is almost colorless: Don’t let the subtlety of the infusion fool you, though, this is a  substantial tea, with a rich and glycerous mouthfeel, that lasts through several infusions.The richness of the jasmine flavoring is matched by the quality of the tea buds, making this a tea to savor.

Tips: Jasmine pearl tea should be prepared carefully: If using a standard teapot, figure 6 pearls per 8 ounces of water (teaspoon measurement is not recommended). If preparing gong-fu style, keep your infusions short.  Also, take the water temperature down to 185F or so.

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Jason Witt September 28, 2009 at 3:06 pm

Jasmine with silver needles? It just sounds like a high-quality tea. –Teaternity

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